Mission Statement

This will be my humble attempt to document this year studying for the Curtin SE programme at SLIIT, Malabe. The reason for using a web-based service like WordPress for this task is that a) notes can be lost b) hard drives can fail (I have an abysmal record of keeping backups) and c) searching is a killer feature. After watching “The Myth of the Genius Programmer” (watch it!!!), I understood that a lot of opportunities at personal development are lost because people fail to document what they did, and in particular how they failed. If you keep failing the same way over and over again, it means that you’re learning nothing, and that is what good documentation of everything – failures included – hopes to avoid.

Hopefully, when crunch time comes, I’d be able to come here and find whatever it is I’m looking for – the things that worked and the things that didn’t. 🙂

So, adios for now.


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