Software Engineering

Dependability and Security Assurance – Part 1

Introduction Critical systems need to meet stringent dependability requirements, and we perform various verification and validation (V & V) processes that look for errors that affect the availability, safety, reliability and security of the system. During V & V, we attempt to show that the system meets the customer’s requirements, and in the process of… Continue reading Dependability and Security Assurance – Part 1

Operating Systems

Process Management – Part 3

Message Passing Issues Naming Processes wanting to communicate with one another can use either direct or indirect communication. In direct communication, A link is automatically established between two processes wishing to communicate. They both need to know only each other’s identity to communicate. A link is associated with exactly two processes. Between each processes pair,… Continue reading Process Management – Part 3

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Guest lecture on Agile Scrum

The special guest lecture on “Agile Scrum methodology” was given by Mr. Rajeev Jayawardena of eCollege Lanka. Research conducted in the IT industry has shown that 70% of software development projects end in failure. This is a staggeringly high number. A project is said to have failed if a) it doesn’t meet client requirements, b) has… Continue reading Guest lecture on Agile Scrum